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Nutshell Literacy

Evidence-Based, Multi-sensory Tutoring in Reading, Writing and Spelling


Summer 2024:

New Student Special. Seven Sessions for $500

Are you worried about your child’s reading? Do they guess at words? Does your child avoid reading aloud? Have teachers expressed concern about your child’s reading year after year, without any plan to help your child improve? 


My name is Tisha Rajendra. When my son wasn’t reading in first grade, I drew on my background as a linguist to learn everything I could about the Science of Reading, reading challenges, and the English writing system. Now, I teach kids of all ages and abilities to read using Speech-to-Print methods.



In-Person Tutoring in Evanston, IL

$100 for one 50 min session/week

$175 for two 50 min sessions/week

Parent Coaching

Virtual Parent Training to teach reading and writing. Curriculum tailored to your child's needs. 

Inquire about pricing

On-Line Writing Class for Middle Schoolers

Coming Soon: Summer 2024


What  Students & Parents Say

“I used to hate reading, but now I really like it!” G, age 8


“Reading is really fun once you know how to do it.” J, age 7


“We had a wonderful experience working with Tisha. Our third grader was struggling with reading and was below grade-level. Her phonics-based tutoring gave him the skills to learn how to read. We now have a child that enjoys reading books WITHOUT pictures!” A, parent


"I can confidently say that without Tisha as our tutor we would have two 3rd graders still reading at an early K level...She is a seasoned, competent, transparent, smart, driven and invested tutor, along with being a parent of a dyslexic child and a delightful human being.” D, parent

Why Nutshell Literacy?

Why Nutshell Literacy?

  • A speech-to-print approach starts with what your child already knows: the sounds of speech!

  • Explicit, structured, evidence-based, multi-sensory instruction targeted to the learner's specific needs. 

  • Writing and spelling are integrated with reading instruction.

  • Parent/Caregiver coaching is included with tutoring sessions so the child can progress at home.

  • Independent reading and writing are the goals! 

How It Works

Steps to Schedule:

1) Click here to book a FREE consultation on phone or zoom with me. I’ll ask you what you’ve noticed about your child’s reading, writing and spelling. 

2) We can then schedule a FREE in-person Assessment for your child. The assessment will help to determine the source of your child’s reading difficulties. I will follow up with your child’s results in a phone call. 

3) Book tutoring once or twice a week for in-person sessions tailored to your child’s needs. Tutoring sessions are in Evanston.

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