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What are your rates? 

Rates are $100 per week for one session weekly and $175 per week for two sessions weekly.


At all times, I reserve two places for sliding scale students. Please let me know if you’d like to be on the waitlist for these spots.



Where are tutoring sessions?

Tutoring is in Evanston, IL.



Do you do virtual tutoring?

In general, no. I like being able to read my students' facial expressions and body language in real time. I occasionally do a virtual session to tide students over if I'm traveling.



Is this SOR?

The “Science of Reading” aka SOR is an interdisciplinary body of research related to reading and reading instruction. The curricula and instructional activities that I use all have an evidence or research base. That means that they either have been proven to work in studies OR that the research strongly suggests that specific activities will yield gains in reading. For more information about the research and evidence base of Reading Simplified, speech-to-print methods or ThinkSRSD, please get in touch!



What is your training and background?

I'm glad you asked! Read all about me here!

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