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My Background and Approach

I once spent my days studying phonology, syntax and morphology. Although my later studies took me elsewhere, everything I learned from my linguistics degree now informs my approach to teaching reading and writing.

I trained in a curriculum called Reading Simplified, a Speech-to--Print method. Also known as linguistic phonics, Speech-to-Print methods begin with what the learner already knows: the sounds of speech.

Most of my tutoring sessions are based on the Reading Simplified curriculum, though I do supplement where necessary with handwriting instruction and a few other things I've learned along the way.

I am also trained in a evidence-based method of writing instruction called ThinkSRSD.

In my other career, I'm Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Loyola University Chicago. I tutor not only because I love teaching reading, but because there is such a need for affordable reading remediation that works as quickly as possible. At all times, I keep two slots for sliding scale or pro bono students whose families might otherwise find private reading remediation out of reach.

This past semester, I taught a course called "Literacy and Social Justice." I taught my students some basics of reading instruction and then, as part of the course, we volunteered at an after-school tutoring program for struggling readers.

I live in Evanston with my husband and my nine-year-old twins. In late Spring 2023, our family will grow by one dog.

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